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Chaussettes de récupération d’énergie
Enertor Recovery socks packaging
Enertor Recovery socks right view
Enertor Recovery socks close up of material

Chaussettes de récupération d’énergie

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COMPRESSION SOCKS for post-training recovery

Energy Recovery socks contain advanced Nilit® Innergy energy return fibres, Graduated Compression and EnergyKnit™ band. Made in Italy with highest quality materials. Particularly effective in the recovery and preparation phases of training or competition. Improved circulation, enhanced oxygen delivery and decreased lactic acid can alleviate cramps and help muscles to recover faster.

Key benefits

  • Graduated compression for accelerated recovery and muscle protection
  • Nilit® Innergy converts the body's energy into Far Infra Red Rays - improving recovery times and reducing lactic acid and associated cramping
  • EnergyKnit™ band flexes and returns in place, stablilizing the sock
  • Enhanced ventilation for improved comfort
  • Anti-microbial yarn protects against odour and bacteria
  • Made in Italy from the highest quality materials

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